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With over 15 years invested within the LSX & LT1 community throughout Northern California, Sac Speed Shop delivers unparalleled expertise on the development of your build. With our honed in skill set, you can put your trust in our team to exceed your expectations.  


We specialize in a seamless LS engine swap. Since every LS engine swap is a little different and there are lot of choices to be made, Sac Speed Shop find the best options for motors, motor mounts, transmissions, flex plates, accessory drives, wiring, computer systems, oil pans, steam tubes, gauges, fuel systems and exhaust systems. We are here to make your LS swap as simple as possible.


At Sac Speed Shop, we offer complete services for engine diagnostics and performance tuning, including: advanced computerized data acquisition and analysis, fail/no-fail testing of components to ensure accuracy of diagnostics, and complete repair/replacement of PCM, ECM, CAN networks, Body Control Modules, control sensors and solenoids, and re-flash data files (as applicable). And as always, we test drive your vehicle to verify any and all concerns.


A performance car is an automobile that is designed and constructed specifically for speed. Here at Sac Speed Shop, we are gearheads that not only hold the knowledge to provide and build a capable power train, but also providing the handling and braking systems to support it. Heads, Cams, Turbos, Nitrous. You name it.


Whether you need an upgrade, brake hose inspection or brake fluid flushes, there's no reason to put off these services when our professionals can get it done quickly. Have our mechanic inspect your brakes, to ensure they are functioning at their best.


Whether you want to stiffen, level or lower your suspension system, Sac Speed Shop can help you get you're car's suspension the way you want. Our car specialists can help with expert installation services and a wide range of industry-leading products.


Per special request. Contact for further details.

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